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Sunday, March 29, 2009

I start my new job tomorrow

Work starts tomorrow. There's no place to park, so I have to take public transport. They have a shuttle that picks up their employees at a subway stop and drops them off at their building, and vice versa, so hopefully I'll find that shuttle tomorrow morning.

I'm an extra in the 6th Degree the Lodge of Perfection is doing for the all-day class at Scottish Rite next Saturday. We have a full dress rehearsal on Wednesday beforehand. I've notified my work that I have to leave work a bit early for the dress rehearsal, and they're okay with it. I'm excited about being part of the work, and I know two brothers who will be doing their Scottish Rite degrees for the first time.

I bought a 32° pocket jewel on eBay that is the 1890s version of the pocket jewel they use today. It's from the Massachusetts Consistory, which is my consistory, and it denotes my level, so I can wear it next Saturday. It's beautiful, and it will be fun to wear. I'll bring the one I was given as a back-up in case anyone gets tetchy about me wearing the antique version.

I also plan to visit another lodge in my district on Thursday if my work schedule allows me to. I've met a few brothers there whom I've befriended, and they have invited me. Five lodges meet in their building, but I've never been inside it, even though I drive by it all the time.

I'm excited about starting my new job. I will report how it went.

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