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Sunday, May 24, 2009

An article of mine published on another website

I've been listening to Greg Stewart and Dean Kennedy's excellent podcast "Masonic Central" for a while now, and I highly recommend it, not only for the remarkable guests they invite, but for the enriching discussions that take place with the guest and hosts after the program. Recently, they took some of the best masonic bloggers and made a website where they all have their own pages. Masonic Information is one of the most lively masonic websites I've seen, and the community of brothers who check in there and add to the discussions there have taught me a great deal.

That's why I was honored that one of the bloggers there, who blogs as "The Euphrates", invited me to write a guest article for them. Please read it, and while you are there, visit the other blogs on the site, click on a few ads, and help support these fine brothers.

Here's the link.

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