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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Masonic Giving

My gentle readers are aware that I very rarely endorse a product, unless I am convinced that it is of value to them. Not only do I believe that this is of value to my readers, I believe it to be of value to Freemasonry in general. This may become the next MORI, in a sense. allows its members to select various Masonic causes and create a page where donors can donate to them. What makes this method unique is that members can choose one cause, or many causes. If many causes are chosen, the donor has the option of donating to the page, in which case the money is distributed evenly among the causes (unless the donor chooses one in particular).

For example, if you visit my giving page, you will see that I have selected five Masonic causes:

  1. Masonic Educational and Charitable Trust, Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
  2. Masonic Angel Foundation
  3. Masonic Service Association
  4. Overlook Masonic Health Center
  5. Shriners' Hospital For Children
Visitors have the option of donating to each, or can donate to the page and their donation will go to all of these causes.

I encourage my readers to create their own page, and find their own causes to endorse. If a cause is not currently listed, they can be added by contacting and having them add new causes.
Progress Meter
You can also create a progress meter and encourage people to match your goals, which can either be monetary, or in terms of the number of participants.


You can create a link anywhere to allow people to donate to your cause.
Masonic Educational and Charitable Trust $
Masonic Angel Foundation $
Masonic Service Association $
Overlook Masonic Health Center $
Shriners Hospitals for Children $

Or you can create a link that allows your readers to choose their own cause to which they can donate.

They are happy to add your lodge, or your building association, to their list of causes. If the donation is not tax-deductible, the donor will be notified.

I think this makes Masonic charity donation so simple and available, that it cannot help but advance these causes. Please consider using this tool to promote the causes you care about.

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